Web Dev - Game Dev - Digital Art
I have been programming in various capacities since finding an ancientToshiba 110cs laptop covered in nail polish on a trash heap post Hurricane Katrina
After returning home with my newfound treasure I was able to define my aesthetic of trash covered in glitter polish and convince my dad to buy me a copy ofDarkBasic
The rest, as they say, is sweet, sweet history
On this site you can find links to most of my various works
I am mostly self taught but have a breadth of programming experience from different levels of university, a coding bootcamp, and startups
If you would like to collaborate on any of these projects or would like me to collaborate on your own project pleaseget in touch
I am also currently open to freelance and employment proposals
You can find my qualifications onmy résumé page
If your team works in a remote capacity I am more likely to accept your offer, as I believe this is one way that we can be ethically responsible to the communities we exist in
I hope the rest of your day is as rad as you are 💙